The Family Sabbatical

Jonathan Chapman Photography

About This Project

Minneapolis photographer, Jonathan Chapman and his family had an idea that turned into an amazing family adventure — A four-month “World as our Classroom” world tour.

Who wouldn’t want to create a travel blog to share new experiences with family and friends back home — and preserve memories for time to come? “There were so many reasons NOT to do this,” Jonathan began, “But, now that we’re going, we need to write about it.”

Traveling to New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, and Europe, this family of four took turns photographing and writing about their experiences abroad. Each contributed a unique perspective to their adventures.

Graphic designers Sam and Seth Bolhken created a beautiful logo, unique icons, and quirky travel maps to fit with the design aesthetic of Jonathan Chapman’s business website.

I organized all the visual elements and travel plans into a comprehensive content strategy and overall website design. I customized WordPress and a premium theme so the site could change as quickly as the Chapman family’s itinerary and help make their stories come to life.

Your adventure is just beginning

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