Designer Type Collection

Jostens Yearbook

About This Project

Students, teachers and schools enthusiastically received this fun and educational book.

The purpose of this book was to showcase 25 new font families available for creating Jostens yearbooks. It also included a comprehensive introduction to typography, color theory and layout grids to help yearbook students and advisers design better books.

More Than a Pretty (Type)face

Jostens Art Director Kris Koshiol designed the cover (above), educational pages and font pairings pages. I designed the grids for the new font families and color story based on existing yearbook color palettes. Often, yearbook staff members have limited resources for clip art, so the grids also needed to show off unique characters and type combinations that could create interesting graphic elements and patterns for yearbook layouts.

Explore. Create. Share.

To promote the new typefaces on social media, I created assets to encourage yearbook staffers to give them a try and share their creations.

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