Spirit Forward

Sparkle Theatricals

About This Project

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death, Sparkle Theatricals created an original, 1920s-inspired, immersive experience of mystery and magic at the historic Fourepaugh’s Mansion.

Custom Logo

This Art Deco-inspired logo needed to incorporate a skeleton key, which was often used by Harry Houdini — the Handcuff King — to escape from danger.

Web Design

A responsive, one-page website on Squarespace could be easily updated and expanded as Sparkle finalized event details.


Content and Copy

Organized copy into useful information blocks while protecting event secrets and surprises.



Sophisticated and mysterious gold-foil business cards enhance face-to-face promotions and help promote Sparkle to guests who dine at the mansion.

A Great Disappearing Trick

Sadly, Houdini and friends have joined the great beyond and the Spirit Forward website lives only in our memories. However, you can still visit Sparkle Theatricals and learn about their newest Halloween-inspired production.